"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary" - Elon R. Musk

Who am i?

Pilot, Business Mentor, Powerlifter, Crazy-ass Dreamer

I know you know that feeling too well.

Everything is going right, but you can’t shake the unwavering feeling that, as Stacie Orrico so bluntly put it in her 2003 hit single, There’s Gotta Be More To Life.

In late 2008, I was exactly where I had planned to be. I was the head pilot for a skydiving company, a job, that given my age (18), and the current hiring climate in aviation, I was incredibly lucky to have. I got to skydive when I wanted to. I was friends with some of the coolest people I had ever met.

As long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a pilot. It was a prestigious, fun, and well-paying career. It wasn’t until November 2010, when I met my then – who is this work of art with a drawn on Harry Potter scar – now Wife, that I reflected on what being a pilot actually meant to me.

What I loved about being a pilot:

Flying planes.

What I didn’t like about being a pilot:

Flying planes on someone else’s terms, and pretty much everything else.

It has since dawned on me, that every job I’ve ever had, from Pilot, to Bar and Restaurant manager, from Bagel maker dude, to my Mom totally scamming me and getting paid $20 for 8 hours of work filing thousands of documents by alphabetical order, that jobs just really weren’t for me.

In the middle of 2012, I decided that from here on out, I was going to live my life on my own terms,

so I channelled my inner entrepreneur, set up my first online business, and the rest is history.

Since that decision I have had so many amazing opportunities, all the while never having the feeling that I was being pushed into a corner, having to deal with office politics aside from who’s making lunch today, oh me again, or asking my boss if I can go take a number 2.

  • Travelled to over a dozen countries, often spending months at a time there
  • RV Road Trips all over the place
  • Got married
  • Went on an East Asian cruise
  • Established multiple business ventures
  • Invested ten’s of thousands of dollars into my own personal development
  • Invested into the property market, while actually making profit.

All whilst challenging the status quo, and challenging peoples beliefs on what it means to have a good life.

Because the goal shouldn’t be a good life

It should be a motherfu$*in’ great life.

The things you are passionate about aren’t there by accident. They’re your calling. And it’s time to step up and actually go and do that shit. Find a way to make it profitable on paper, instead of an idea in your head, floating around there until you’re 75 and you resent yourself for not giving it a shot.

My mission is to help people actually figure out what the hell they want to do, and how they’re actually going to do it.

The largest determining factor to your success and happiness is your mindset.

The largest determining factor to your mindset is you.

And that’s the hardest part.

In becoming a Modern Boss you accept that when you step away from the normal, it all rises and falls on you.

And that’s exactly how you want it.

Are you ready?

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